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  • translational sprinkler irrigation machine

    Short Description:

    The equipment as a whole is driven by the motor-driven tires to make a reciprocating translational movement along the sky and the earth to form a rectangular irrigation area. This kind of equipment is a translational sprinkler. The irrigated area depends on two factors, the length of the sprinkler and the translation distance.

    1. It can cover all irrigation areas, suitable for strip-shaped plots of irrigation, without leaving any four corners, and the coverage rate is 99.9%

    2. Optimal length range of translational sprinkler irrigation machine: 200-800 meters

    3. Suitable crops: corn, wheat, alfalfa, potatoes, grains, vegetables, sugarcane and other economic crops

    4. The average investment cost per mu is low, and the service life can reach more than 20 years

    5. It can be fertilized and sprayed with pesticides, the water saving effect can be increased by 30%-50%, and the output value per mu can be increased by 20%-50%

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    DAYU Irrigation Group Co., Ltd. founded in 1999, is a state-level high-tech enterprise relying on the Chinese Academy of water sciences, the science and technology promotion center of the Ministry of water resources, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of engineering and other scientific research institutions. It was listed on the growth enterprise market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in October 2009.

    Since its establishment for 20 years, the company has always been focusing on and committed to solving and serving the problems of agriculture, rural areas and water resources. It has developed into a professional system solution of the whole industrial chain integrating agricultural water saving, urban and rural water supply, sewage treatment, intelligent water affairs, water system connection, water ecological treatment and restoration, and integrating project planning, design, investment, construction, operation, management and maintenance services Solution provider, China‘s agricultural water saving industry first, but also a global leader.

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