Industrial large-capacity sand filter water treatment sand filter

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After Warranty Service:Online support

Video outgoing-inspection:Provided

Machinery Test Report:Provided

Marketing Type:Ordinary Product

Warranty of core components:1 Year

Core Components:Motor, Pump

Place of Origin:China

Warranty:1 Year

After-sales Service Provided:Online support

Product name:sand filter

Raw material:steel

Usage:Liquild Filter

size:Diameter 1.2m


Function:Remove Impurities, reomve waster


rate of flow:9m3 each hour

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Sand filter, also known as quartz sand filter, sand filter, is a filter that uses homogeneous and equal particle size quartz sand to form a sand bed as a filter carrier for three-dimensional deep filtration. It is often used for primary filtration. It mainly uses sand and gravel as the filter material to filter.

Sand and gravel filter is one of the media filters. Its sand bed is three-dimensional filter and has a strong ability to intercept dirt. It is suitable for deep well water filtration, agricultural water treatment, and pre-treatment of various water treatment processes, etc. Various places such as factories, rural areas, hotels, schools, gardening farms, water plants, etc. Among all the filters, the sand filter is the most effective way to treat organic and inorganic impurities in the water. This filter has a strong ability to filter out and retain impurities and can provide uninterrupted water supply. As long as the organic content in the water exceeds 10mg/L, no matter how much the inorganic content is, the sand filter should be used.

working principle:

During normal operation, the water to be filtered reaches the medium layer through the water inlet. At this time, most of the pollutants are trapped on the upper surface of the medium, and fine dirt and other floating organic matter are trapped inside the medium layer to ensure that the production system is not affected by The interference of pollutants can work well. After operation, when the impurities and various suspended solids in the water reach a certain amount, the filter system can detect the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet in real time through the pressure difference control device. When the pressure difference reaches the set value, the electronic control PLC will give the control system The three-way hydraulic control valve sends a signal. The three-way hydraulic control valve will automatically control the three-way valve of the corresponding filter unit through the waterway, allowing it to close the inlet channel and open the sewage channel at the same time. The water of the unit will enter through the water outlet of the filter unit under the action of water pressure, and continue to wash the medium layer of the filter unit, so as to achieve the effect of cleaning the medium. The washed sewage will be filtered by the water pressure. The sewage outlet of the unit enters the sewage pipe to complete a sewage discharge process. AIGER sand filter can also use timing control to discharge sewage. When the time reaches the time set by the timing controller, the electric control box will send a sewage cleaning signal to the three-way hydraulic control valve. The specific sewage process is as above.

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