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  • Solar Irrigation System in Pakistan

    The pumps that transport the water are equipped with solar cells.??The solar energy absorbed by the battery is then converted into electricity by a generator that feeds the motor that drives the pump.??Suitable for local customers with limited access to electricity, in which case farmers do not have to rely on traditional irrigation systems.??

    Therefore, the use of independent alternative energy systems can be a solution for farmers to ensure secure power and avoid saturation of the public grid.??Compared to conventional diesel pumps, such irrigation systems are more expensive up front, but the energy is free and there are no operating costs to consider after amortization. ?

    And as opposed to irrigating a field with a bucket.??Farmers who use this method will be able to use motorized pumps and their yields will increase by 300 percent??

    Irrigation project in Pakistan

    Post time: Oct-08-2021

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