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  • Continued Construction and Modernization Project of Fenglehe Irrigation District, Suzhou District, Jiuquan City


    Continued Construction and Modernization Project of Fenglehe Irrigation District, Suzhou District, Jiuquan City

    The Fengle River Irrigation District Continued Construction and Modernization Project focuses on the renovation of the backbone water conservancy projects in the Fengle River Irrigation District, and the construction of supporting information facilities and equipment. The main construction contents include: renovation of 35.05km of channels, renovation of 356 sluices, renovation and expansion of sand settling 3 ponds, 4 new ponds and dams, 3 repair and management facilities, 2 safety facilities, a total of 40 renovated automatic control gates, 298 installed water level gauges, 88 monitoring facilities, 1 dispatch center, and 2 information application platforms .



    The project has built a 92,300 m3 Dazhuang adjustment and storage tank, a new intake gate, a new stilling pool, a new water diversion and drainage channel and pipeline of 172m, and a new fence of 744m. A 95,200-square-meter Majiaxinzhuang adjustment and storage tank has been built, a new intake gate, a new stilling pool, 150m of new diversion and discharge channels and pipelines, and a new 784m of fence. By building two storage tanks, the problems of insufficient storage facilities and severe drought in spring and autumn have been effectively solved in Fengle River Irrigation District.


    The construction of the information platform in Fenglehe Irrigation District, Suzhou District, Jiuquan City adopts advanced water conservancy application software technology, based on data collection and data transmission, with the water volume dispatching business process as the main line, and the purpose of safe and scientific allocation of water resources, through mathematical construction. Model, virtual simulation, automatic control, geographic information system and other technical means, according to the actual needs of the irrigation area, through the construction of a comprehensive decision-making management platform that integrates a map of the irrigation area, gate monitoring, video monitoring, flow monitoring, and water allocation to realize remote gates Control, perimeter safety monitoring, flow statistical analysis and water allocation and scheduling automation, give full play to the benefits of project construction, and improve the overall informatization and intelligent management and control level of the project.


    The project built 2 storage tanks, which effectively improved the storage capacity of the area. Through the connected North Main Canal and Donggan Erfen Main Canal, during the drought and water shortage season, the water source during the flood period was adjusted to more than 1,000 mu along the route. land. The regulating reservoir also reserves the outlet of the pipeline to provide a guaranteed water source for the efficient water saving that may be constructed in the irrigation area in the future, and play a role in water saving.

    After the project is completed, 8.6km of main canals will be updated and repaired, 26.5km of branch canals will be reconstructed and repaired, 100% of the main canal buildings in the irrigation area will be newly built, 84 branch canal buildings will be rebuilt, and power supply lines will be provided. . It achieved unified, intelligent and efficient integrated management and improved the performance of channel infrastructure.

    The renovation of management facilities mainly includes roof waterproofing, external wall insulation, heating, water supply and drainage, door and window lighting, etc., to provide a comfortable office and living place for the staff of the irrigation area, and to build a central control room to build an integrated management platform for the irrigation area. Provide a good place .



    Post time: Mar-15-2022

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