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  • Wang Chong, Party Secretary of Dayu Irrigation Group, attended the 14th Party Congress of Gansu Province

    From May 27 to 30, the 14th Gansu Provincial Congress of the Communist Party of China was grandly held in Lanzhou. Renzhenhe, deputy secretary of Gansu provincial Party committee and governor of Gansu Province, presided over the meeting. Yinhong, Secretary of Gansu provincial Party committee and director of the Standing Committee of Gansu Provincial People’s Congress, made a government work report entitled “carry forward the past, forge ahead into the great new era, enrich the people and prosper Gansu, write a new chapter in development, and strive hard to build a socialist modern, happy and beautiful Gansu in an all-round way”. The report comprehensively summarized the work of the past five years and scientifically planned the overall requirements and key tasks for the development of Gansu in the next five years, It has carried the expectations of the people of the whole province and drawn a beautiful blueprint for the development of Gansu.

    On the afternoon of May 27, the delegation of Jiuquan city to the 14th provincial Party Congress held a sub group discussion. Wangliqi, representative of the 14th provincial Party Congress and Secretary of Jiuquan municipal Party committee, presided over the sub group discussion. Comrade chenxueheng, special representative of the 14th provincial Party Congress, wangjiayi, representative of the 14th provincial Party Congress and Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, and guochenglu, vice chairman of the provincial CPPCC; Tangpeihong, deputy secretary of Jiuquan municipal Party committee and mayor, and other leaders attended the discussion meeting and made speeches. Wang Chong, Secretary of the Party committee of Dayu water saving group, and other grass-roots party representatives attended the meeting and spoke enthusiastically around the theme of the meeting and the new deployment and requirements specified in the report, combined with the actual situation in Jiuquan.

    Wang Chong (1)

    As a representative of the 14th provincial Party Congress, Wang Chong paid special attention to policies on optimizing the business environment, promoting rural revitalization, and supporting scientific and technological innovation. He said that scientific and technological innovation is the nuclear power and driving force for the development of enterprises. We will strengthen scientific and technological innovation and strengthen cooperation in production, learning and research with top experts and scientific research institutes in the domestic industry, so that our products will always be in an invincible position. He also said that it is the trust of the organization to have the opportunity to participate in the conference as a party representative. He will turn trust into the driving force and source for performing his duties and responsibilities. In the spirit of the Communist Party’s examination, he will explore and innovate, work hard and move forward. In accordance with the spirit of the conference, he will further shoulder the social responsibilities and responsibilities of private enterprises and contribute to the improvement of enterprises and the development of local economy.

    Wang Chong (2)

    Wang Chong, currently Secretary of the Party committee and vice chairman of Dayu water saving group, is a professor level senior engineer, an expert enjoying the special allowance of the State Council, a leading talent of the second batch of “ten thousand talents plan” national high-level talent special support plan, a model worker in Gansu Province, A-class Longyuan talent in Gansu Province, and the first batch of leading talents in Gansu Province. In 2019, he was rated as the national “excellent water conservancy entrepreneur” by China water conservancy enterprise association, He also served as the director of the Key Laboratory of water saving irrigation technology and equipment in Gansu Province, the director of the national and local joint Engineering Laboratory of water saving irrigation technology and equipment, the chairman of the strategic alliance for technological innovation of water saving irrigation industry, and the vice chairman of China agricultural water saving and Rural Water Supply Technology Association.

    Over the years, Wang Chong led Dayu water saving group to undertake more than 1000 projects, including national northeast water-saving and grain increasing, northwest water-saving and efficiency increasing, South water-saving and emission reduction, and North China water-saving and pressure mining. From the exploration in 2014 to the formal establishment in 2017 of the development direction for the new period of “three networks for agriculture, rural areas and three water resources, and two hands working together”, we have comprehensively promoted the industrial layout of “agriculture, rural areas and three water resources” for efficient water conservation in agriculture, rural sewage treatment and safe drinking water for farmers, and have successively successfully undertaken the first national social capital investment water conservancy reform project in Luliang, Yunnan. The average annual growth rate of business performance has remained above 35% for 10 consecutive years, For five consecutive years, it has been honored as one of the top 50 private enterprises in Gansu Province in terms of “operating income”, “tax payment” and “placement and employment”.

    While leading the enterprise to become bigger and stronger, Wang Chong actively participated in the cause of fighting poverty, actively fulfilled his social responsibilities, and successively donated more than 20million yuan in activities such as epidemic prevention and control, various poverty alleviation and poverty relief, and donation to students. The company has successively won the titles of “national advanced private enterprise in employment and social security” and “advanced private enterprise in targeted poverty alleviation action of” ten thousand enterprises helping ten thousand villages “in China.

    Post time: Jun-17-2022

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