To celebrate July 1, Dayu Irrigation Group held a grand meeting to celebrate the 101st anniversary of the founding of the party and the work summary conference for the half year of 2022


On July 1, DAYU Irrigation?Group, in order to review the glorious course of the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Party, deeply study xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era to implement the spirit of the relevant party and state meetings, summarize and review the new progress, new achievements, new breakthroughs and the company's production and operation work in the first half of the year since the beginning of the year, and solemnly held a grand celebration of the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Party and the summary meeting of the half-year work in 2022. All party committee members, group executives, heads of various sectors, commended advanced party branches, outstanding communist party members, and more than 2,700 party members, cadres, and employees of the group company attended the meeting at the same time. The meeting was presided over by Yan Liqun, secretary of the party branch of the organ and executive vice president of the group, and the conference kicked off in the solemn national anthem.


At the meeting, Wang Chong, secretary of the party committee and vice chairman of the board of directors of the group company, read out the "Decision on Adjusting the Division of Labor among the Members of the Party Committee and the Leading Group of the Party Committee of the Company". Song Jinyan, member of the Party Committee and vice president of the group company, read out the "Decision on Commending and Rewarding Advanced Party Branches, Outstanding Party Workers and Outstanding Communist Party Members", and awarded the party branch of the organ and the party branch of the design institute the honorary title of "advanced party branch"; Zhang Xueshuang, secretary of the party branch of the Tianjin factory of the supply chain company, and Zeng Guoxiong, secretary of the party branch of Huitu Science and Technology, were awarded the honorary title of "Excellent Party Worker" by two comrades; 14 comrades of the party branch of the organ were awarded the honorary title of "Outstanding Communist Party Member".


The congress agreed to the regularization of 6 reserve party members and the absorption of 3 new party members. The new party members read the oath of joining the party in front of the party flag, and the sonorous and magnificent oath, word by word, was sacred and heroic, inspiring all party members and cadres and employees of the company to continue the red blood and remember the original mission.


Xie Yongsheng, member of the Party Committee and president of the group company, made a summary report on the semi-annual work of 2022 and put forward eight requirements for the company's work in the second half of the year:

First, continue to promote the optimization of the institutional system; The second is to continue to dance the marketing leader and grasp the key projects; The third is to carry out comprehensive budget management work and further reduce costs and increase efficiency. The fourth is to continue to strengthen cash flow control; Fifth, strengthen project management, especially safety and quality should be taken as the key work of project management; Sixth, comprehensively optimize assessment measures and stimulate endogenous motivation; The seventh is to strengthen team building and create the "most cattle team"; The eighth is to strengthen risk management and control and build a solid security defense line.

Mr. Xie said that the first half of the year has passed, the journey of the second half of the year is about to begin, let us closely unite around the group party committee and board of directors, resolutely implement the general tone of "creating the best system, the strongest model, the most cattle team, and resolutely and completely complete the annual profit target", conscientiously implement the deployment requirements of the group party committee and the board of directors and the goals and tasks of the group company, strengthen confidence, perform their duties, really do solid work, deepen the work of "one center, eight basic points", and go all out to fight the annual task battle. Strive to complete the annual operating indicators, contribute to the realization of the Group's "Sixth Five-Year Plan" strategic plan, and work together to strive for a better tomorrow for Dayu to save water.


Chairman Wang Haoyu talked about three points of understanding and understanding of party building work and enterprise development at the meeting:

1. The Choice of History: Looking back at the century-old history, the Communist Party of China is the leader of china's revolution, construction and reform, the Communist Party of China has come out of Yan'an all the way, leading China to unite all parties and develop together, we must fully understand that the ruling position of the Communist Party today is the choice of history and the people while developing individually and enterprises.

2. Practice proves that the leadership of the Communist Party of China can withstand the test of history, under the leadership of the party, each of us, every family in the past few decades of life, career and social development, the country in all aspects have made cross-era progress. Without the Communist Party of China, there would be no modernization in China, and there would be no bright prospects for the development of enterprises.

3. The nature of the enterprise: adhere to the party's leadership, and integrate the development of enterprises with the construction of the party. Development does not forget to grasp party building, and doing a good job of party building to promote development is a requirement of the nature of enterprises. Everyone in the enterprise has fully enjoyed the party's policies, and it is precisely because of the party's investment in agriculture and water conservancy that it has brought us the soil and environment in which we live, and every Dayu person should go deep into the soul of loving the country and the party, and should listen to the party, feel the gratitude of the party, and follow the party.

Subsequently, Chairman Wang Haoyu summarized the company's work in the first half of the year and put forward three directions for the work deployment arrangement in the second half of the year:

1. Strong determination and increase confidence in the time and trend: The company's development from Jiuquan to the country to become a leading enterprise in the industry is not accidental, it is the internal value, external tension and spiritual determination of the enterprise, which is the general trend. We must maintain the efficiency, innovation ability, adaptability and ability to cope with changes that leading enterprises should have. The Party Central Committee has clearly pointed out that today's world is experiencing major changes unprecedented in a century, and all walks of life have been greatly affected by the current drastic changes in the internal and external situation. Our industry and enterprises, under the external ups and downs, it is not easy to have such a development, we must have strong determination and a hundred times more confidence to complete the company's annual task indicators.

2. Create new machines and cultivate new machines in the knowledge and industry: Last year, the group concentrated on creating the so-called "knowledge", which is our value system, corporate culture and enterprise development review. This year is a year of action, and the company is working pragmatically from top to bottom. We advocate "creating the best system, the best team, the strongest model" to complete the annual target, everything with action as the core, out of the comfort zone. All sectors, teams and individuals must continue to break through themselves along the way. And we must continue to integrate, change and develop, expand business, accept new tests, so that enterprises can grasp the development trend in "knowing" and "doing", so as to take advantage of the trend.

3. Responsibility and ability to ensure safety and promote development: We must think of danger in times of peace, enhance the awareness of risks, improve risk identification capabilities, improve risk response mechanisms and tools, effectively strengthen the prediction and management of project safety hazards, ensure safety as the key work in the implementation of the project, and make every effort to maintain the company's healthy and safe development.


At the meeting, Wang Chong, secretary of the party committee of the group, expressed warm congratulations to the commended collectives and individuals, and he encouraged party members to actively practice the oath of joining the party with their own practical actions, spurred the majority of party members not to forget their original intentions, remember the oath to the party, demand themselves with stricter and higher standards, and give full play to the role of the party organization as a fighting fortress and the vanguard and exemplary role of communist party members based on their own posts.

At the same time, it also profoundly pointed out the outstanding problems in the current operation and management of the company, and instructed the production and operation work in the second half of the year from the overall height of the party committee and the board of directors of the group company, and pointed out the direction and measures of efforts. It is hoped that all grass-roots party branches, various departments of the group, all sectors, all companies, and all party members, cadres, and workers will profoundly understand the spirit of the speeches of several leaders, organize the broad masses of employees to study and implement them in depth, strictly follow the instructions and requirements of the company's party committee and board of directors, earnestly grasp all work and implementation, and re-study, re-implement, and re-arrange the speeches of leaders at all levels and the arrangements and arrangements in the meetings. It is hoped that all grass-roots party organizations and the majority of party members, cadres and workers of the company will emancipate their minds, blaze new trails, work in a down-to-earth manner, strive to raise the company's work to a new level, ensure that all tasks and indicators for the whole year are realized to the letter, and greet the victory of the party's twenty major congresses with excellent results.

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