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  • The Governor of Loja Province , Ecuador Visited the Beijing R&D Center of DAYU Irrigation Group Co.,Ltd.

    On April 21, Mr. Mario Mancino, Governor of Loja Province, Ecuador, Mr. Jose Eguiguren, Assistant Governor, Mr. Nelson Mora, Business Manager of HYDROTHEC Agricultural Service Company, and Ms. Ju Yi, Business Manager of SANY?Group Beijing Company. The delegation visited DAYU Beijing R&D Center for investigation and investigation, accompanied by Ms. Cao Li, General Manager of International Business Department of DAYU?Irrigation Group?Co.,?Ltd.?and Mr. Fu Shuai, Deputy General Manager.

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    Ms. Cao Li, General Manager of International Business Department, welcomed the guests on behalf of DAYU, and introduced the development history and business scope of DAYU?to the guests in detail: DAYU?originated in Jiuquan, Gansu Province. After years of development,?The company’s business scope covers agricultural water conservation, rural sewage treatment, farmers’ drinking water construction, and smart digitalization, and has the most advanced technologies and products in the same industry in many fields. The company’s business area has covered every province in China, and has achieved considerable development in overseas markets. At the same time, DAYU?actively responds to the national One Belt, One Roadinitiative, constantly explores new ideas and models of going outand bringing in, and successively establishes DAYU American Technology Center, Israel Company and Israel Innovation R&D.?DAYUs products and services have spread to more than 50 countries and regions including Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, and Russia. DAYU’s large-scale farmland water conservancy, agricultural irrigation, urban water supply and other complete and integrated projects have also made significant progress. DAYU has integrated global resources, achieved rapid international business development, and gradually formed a global strategic layout of overseas business.

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    After the visit, the two sides had an in-depth exchange and communication on how to carry out cooperation. At the meeting,?Governor Mario Mancino affirmed the development of DAYU, and expressed his appreciation for DAYUs contribution to society, and especially praised DAYU as a responsible enterprise with greatness and glory mission: “Make agriculture smarter, Make the countryside better, Make the farmer happier.”



    DAYU has advanced concepts, models, technologies, products and practical experience. Through continuous exploration and innovation, it has successfully applied PPP, contract water saving, EPC+O and other models to agricultural water saving, sewage treatment, and urban drinking water projects middle. Governor Mario Mancino is eager to learn from the successful experience of DAYU?and introduce excellent models into the agricultural modernization construction of Loha Province and even the entire Ecuador.

    DAYU?has been deeply cultivated in the Ecuador and South American markets for many years, and has a very high product reputation. Finally, Ms. Cao Li, general manager of the International Business Department, said: DAYU?will continue to work hard, continue to innovate and bring better products to the market, and also look forward to working with Governor Mario Mancino to build more?excellent project, contributing to the development of local agriculture and the happiness of farmers.

    Post time: Apr-23-2023

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