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  • DAYU’s Efforts on “Make the Agriculture Smarter, Make the Countryside Better, Make the Farmer Happier”Are Highly Affirmed by the Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Tianjin Municipal People’s Congress

    On June 7th, Mr. Zhang Qingen, the Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Tianjin Municipal People’s Congress, and his delegation investigated the rural sewage treatment project contracted and operated by DAYU. Mr. Wang Chong, the Secretary of the Party Committee of DAYU, and Mr. Liu Jiayuan, the Chairman of DAYU?Environment Protect Group accompanied.



    Mr. Zhang Qingen highly praised DAYU’s Mission of “Make the agriculture smarter, Make the countryside better, Make the farmer happier”??and highly affirmed the achievement of DAYU in improving rural infrastructure and farmers’ living environment and enhancing the happiness of the public by implementing construction and operation of the Wuqing sewage treatment project.


    Wuqing District Rural Sewage Treatment Project


    This project is a rural environmental governance project built under the rural revitalization strategy of Tianjin. The project undertaken by DAYU covers nearly 800,000 farmers in 597 villages across Wuqing District. After the completion of the project, all rural domestic sewage in the region will be discharged up to the standard, and the ecological environment of the region will be significantly improved, as well as the rural residential environment.

    Sewage Treatment Station in Zhaozhuang Village, Dahuangbao Town, Wuqing Distric


    The treatment station is a construction project of rural domestic sewage treatment project in Wuqing District in 2022, with a designed treatment capacity of 40 tons/day and 300 service people, and it implements the secondary discharge standard in the Discharge Standard of Water Pollutants for Rural Domestic Sewage Treatment Facilities DB12/889-2019 of Tianjin.

    Post time: Jun-09-2023

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