Pu’er Municipal People’s Government and Dayu Irrigation Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement

On August 26, Pu'er Municipal People's Government and Dayu Irrigation Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Pu'er Municipal Administrative Center. Yang Zhongxing, Deputy Mayor of Pu'er Municipal People's Government, and Dayu Water Saving Group President Xie Yongsheng signed the contract on behalf of both parties. Pu'er Development and Reform Commission, Finance Bureau, Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau, Water Affairs Bureau, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and other municipal departments, leaders in charge of county (district) people's governments, Agricultural Development Bank Pu'er Branch, Agricultural Bank of China Pu'er Branch, Municipal Communications Construction Group, Municipal Communications Construction Relevant persons in charge of Water Conservancy Development and Construction Co., Ltd. and Yunnan Water Conservancy Investment Co., Ltd., Xu Xibin, Vice President of Dayu Water Saving Group and Chairman of Southwest Headquarters, Zhang Xianshu, Vice President of Dayu Design Group, Zhang Guoxiang, General Manager of Yunnan Company, and General Manager of Southwest Agricultural Technology Company Qian Naihua and others attended the discussion and signing ceremony.


According to the agreement, based on the principles of legal compliance, trustworthy performance, equality and voluntariness, common development, and win-win cooperation, both parties will focus on the high-quality economic and social development of Pu'er City, give full play to the resources and advantages of all parties, and adopt a variety of cooperation models according to local conditions. Start cooperation in high-standard farmland construction, high-efficiency water-saving irrigation, continued construction of large and medium-sized irrigation areas, and modernization. It is planned to complete a construction scale of 1 million mu and a total investment of 3 billion yuan within 5 years to quickly promote the adjustment of agricultural industry structure. , to further promote the comprehensive reform of agricultural water prices, and comprehensively help rural revitalization. Simultaneously carry out business cooperation in urban and rural safe drinking water, rural sewage treatment, water system connectivity, river management, water ecological restoration, agricultural non-point source pollution control and water conservancy informatization. Combined with the local agricultural characteristics and the characteristics of different types of projects, we will innovate and explore cooperation mechanisms and models, and jointly promote the project planning consultation, packaging planning, technical support, and fund application in the fields of agricultural water conservancy in Pu'er City, so as to facilitate the implementation of the project as soon as possible.


At the signing meeting, both parties had a discussion and exchange in the conference room and watched the promotional video of Dayu Water Saving Group. Xie Yongsheng, President of Dayu Water Saving Group, made a speech on the basic situation of Dayu water saving, business development in recent years and the next cooperation plan. Xie Yongsheng pointed out that since the establishment of Dayu Water Saving 23 years ago, it has always focused on and devoted itself to the solution and service of issues related to agriculture, rural areas, and water resources, focusing on the industrial positioning of "three networks for agriculture, rural areas, and water, with both hands working together to take responsibility". Supported by business segments, it has formed a national market layout of five regional headquarters in Beijing R&D Center, North China, East China, Northwest China, Southwest China and Xinjiang, with the integration of project planning, design, investment, construction, operation, management and intelligent services in the fields of agriculture and water conservancy Solving ability, has developed into a leading enterprise in the water-saving industry. Dayu Water Saving has been deeply involved in the Yunnan market for more than ten years. In accordance with the water conservancy reform and innovation requirements of "build a mechanism first, and build a project later", it has opened the road of innovation and reform of the company's model, and implemented the country's first social capital investment irrigation area construction project and The country's first government and social capital cooperative irrigation area demonstration project, realizing the transformation from the "bonsai" of the Luliang project to the "landscape" of the Yuanmou project. It has been replicated and promoted nationwide.


Xie Yongsheng pointed out that Pu'er City's agricultural industry has good basic conditions and huge development potential. The leaders of Pu'er City and the people's governments of various counties and districts fully recognize the urgency of agricultural water infrastructure construction, attach great importance to the cooperation between the two parties, and also support Dayu's water saving. Participate in the development of agricultural water conservancy in Pu'er City. Dayu Water Saving has the confidence to work with the Pu'er Municipal People's Government to adhere to "strengthening both hands", sincerely cooperate, complement each other's advantages, seek common development, and explore new models for the development of agriculture, water conservancy and rural revitalization in Pu'er City, and provide high-quality economic and social development for the city. Contribute to Dayu's wisdom and strength for development!


Yang Zhongxing, Vice Mayor of Pu'er City, spoke highly of Dayu Water Saving Group's achievements in agricultural water saving. He pointed out that water conservancy is the lifeblood of agriculture and the lifeblood of the national economy. Pu'er has a unique location and rich resource advantages. First, it is to seize the opportunity for the country to increase investment in the construction of agricultural water conservancy infrastructure, and combine the actual situation of Pu'er to research and explore cooperation points, and jointly package and plan projects. The second is to comply with the changes in the policy of “redistribution to investment”, the whole city takes the joint establishment of a project company as an entry point, and quickly builds the operation mode of “investment, research, construction, management and service” for agricultural water conservancy projects, consolidating the foundation for cooperation between Pu’er City and Dayu Water Saving Group, and mobilizing The enthusiasm of all parties involved in the cooperation has set off a new round of investment boom and promoted the implementation of more farmland water conservancy projects benefiting the people in Pu'er. Mayor Yang pointed out that Dayu Water Saving, as the first GEM listed company specializing in water-saving irrigation in China, has always focused on and committed to the solution and service of agriculture, rural areas, farmers and water resources. The cooperation of the Water Group is a new starting point for agricultural water conservancy in Pu'er. In the next joint cooperation, I sincerely hope that Dayu Water Saving can help Pu'er City to speed up and catch up in the field of farmland water conservancy, and promote the construction of more agricultural water conservancy projects to benefit the people. It is necessary to establish a docking mechanism between the two parties, to facilitate the implementation of cooperation matters as soon as possible, to achieve cooperation in more fields, at a deeper level and at a higher level, and to promote the agricultural water conservancy cause of Pu'er to a higher level.

Post time: Aug-30-2022

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