Inner Mongolia Hetao irrigation area water conservancy development center and Dayu water saving Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement


On May 24, Inner Mongolia Hetao irrigation area water conservancy development center and Dayu water saving Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Bayannur City. The signing of the strategic contract framework agreement is of great significance to both parties. Dayu water saving will rely on its own leading experience in the construction of digital intelligent irrigation areas in China and advanced water-saving technologies such as "integration of water and fertilizer" to support the water conservancy development center to build a higher-level modern agricultural irrigation construction management system in Hetao irrigation area, focusing on the modernization of irrigation areas, the sustainable development of irrigation agriculture In the direction of sustainable utilization of water resources, through the promotion and application of a series of measures, such as the advanced and efficient water-saving technology from water transmission and distribution to the field, the management mode of modern irrigation area + project construction, etc., the Hetao irrigation area will promote the transformation from traditional irrigation agriculture to modern refined green ecological irrigation agriculture, so as to achieve modern refined management of Hetao irrigation area, high quality and high yield of irrigation agriculture, efficient utilization of water resources The construction goal of modern irrigation area with good ecological environment.


Wanghaoyu, chairman of Dayu water saving group, and zhangguangming, director of Hetao irrigation area water conservancy development center, signed the agreement on behalf of both parties. Zhangguoqing, a first-class researcher of Bayannaoer Water Resources Bureau, hanyongguang and Yan Jinyang, deputy directors of Hetao Irrigation Area Water Development Center, suxiaofei, director of water supply department, peichengzhong, deputy director of Yichang sub center, Guoyan, deputy director of Jiefang sluice sub center, zhangyiqiang, director of water conservancy service center, zhangchenping, chief of soil and water conservation section of modern agriculture and animal husbandry development center, and liuhuaiyu, deputy director of project office; Xueruiqing, chairman of Dayu water saving northwest headquarters, zhangzhanxiang, chairman of Dayu water saving North China headquarters, Yan Wenwen, President of Dayu design group, Zeng Guoxiong, President of Beijing huitu technology, zhangzhiguo, chairman of Lanzhou company, xueguanshou, vice president of Dayu design group, ran Weiguo, chairman of Inner Mongolia company and other leaders of the two sides attended the signing ceremony.

At the meeting, wanghaoyu, chairman of Dayu water saving group, introduced in detail the company's development history and achievements in recent years, and pointed out that Dayu water saving is the first pioneer of social capital participating in the reform of farmland and water conservancy in China. In the process of development, it has formed the core competitiveness of national and whole industry chain business layout, science and technology, mode innovation and Rural Revitalization service. The company has successively participated in the planning and design of Dujiangyan irrigation area and other large irrigation areas, and implemented a number of irrigation projects in Ningxia, Gansu, Hebei, Xinjiang and other places. It has the integrated assembly capacity of modern irrigation areas from planning to design, investment and financing, construction, informatization software and hardware products, and post construction operation and maintenance management. He said that Hetao irrigation area is the largest one head irrigation area in Asia and one of the three super large irrigation areas in China. It is also an important commodity grain and oil production base in China and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and has an extremely important strategic position. Dayu water saving is willing to give full play to the advantages of years of practical experience, and is confident and capable of finding a mechanism suitable for the implementation of marketization in the modernization of Hetao irrigation area, so as to help the modernization and high-quality development of Hetao irrigation area.


Zhangguangming, director of the water conservancy development center of Hetao Irrigation Area in Inner Mongolia, introduced the development of Hetao irrigation area and the trends and problems of modern agricultural development. He focused on the five aspects of Hetao irrigation area development planning, project planning, establishment of market-oriented mechanism and post project services. He said that the cooperation between the two sides has broad prospects. Dayu water conservation is a leading enterprise in the domestic agricultural water conservancy industry, It is hoped that Dayu water saving can give full play to its industrial chain, capital and technical advantages, introduce advanced and mature technology and management mode, provide resources, technology and investment support for the agricultural industry adjustment and agricultural economic development in Hetao irrigation area, and promote the green and sustainable development of modern agriculture in Hetao Irrigation area.

Post time: Jun-11-2022

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