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  • Gansu Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, National Chamber of Commerce for Agricultural Industries, Beijing Gansu Enterprise Chamber of Commerce and DAYU held a symposium and exchange meeting

    On April 18th, Mr. Mao Yun, a member of the Party Group and the Vice Chairman of the Gansu Federation of Industry and Commerce, Ms. Guo Shu, the Secretary General of the National Chamber of Commerce for Agricultural Industries, and Ms. Xie Yuhua, a full-time Secretary of the Joint Party Committee of the Beijing Gansu Enterprise Chamber of Commerce of the Communist Party of China, visited the Beijing R&D Center of DAYU?for inspection and exchange. Mr. Wang Haoyu, the Chairman of DAYU, attended the meeting?and gave a key speech. During the exchange, all parties reached important consensus on their respective advantages and assistance in promoting more merchants and enterprises to invest in agricultural development in Gansu.


    The guests visited the exhibition hall and office area of DAYU‘s Beijing R&D Center. Mr. Wang Haoyu, the Chairman of DAYU, gave a detailed introduction to the development process, mission vision, and honors and qualifications of DAYU; He emphasized the strategic layout, typical cases, and advantages of the entire industrial chain formed by DAYU?in implementing the “Three Agri Three Water Three Networks” strategy in rural revitalization.?The development and operation status of projects such as Yuanmou in Yunnan, Pengyang in Ningxia, and Wuqing in Tianjin were explained from the three major business models of agricultural water-saving, urban-rural water supply, and rural sewage treatment. The practice of DAYU?water-saving in the fields of water conservancy informatization and digital twins was also explained, allowing participating leaders to have a direct and comprehensive understanding of DAYU‘s overall industrial chain layout and national development layout.ZP2

    He particularly pointed out that China is currently facing an important period of development opportunities in the field of agricultural water-saving irrigation. DAYU?seized the opportunity, took the lead in development, and based on the water shortage situation in Gansu, developed advanced drip tape?technology, leading the development of the national agricultural water-saving industry, blooming and bearing fruit in various parts of the country, promoting the comprehensive development of local economic, social, and environmental benefits. At the same time, it is emphasized that as a representative enterprise of the Gansu Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, DAYU?fully leverages the bridge and link role of the Federation of Industry and Commerce, and has promoted advantageous industries such as Gansu Province’s characteristic traditional Chinese medicine, characteristic fruits, and characteristic animal husbandry at multiple investment conferences. It has led and called on nationally renowned agricultural enterprises to achieve the combination of local and enterprise advantages and common development in Gansu. In the future, DAYU?will continue to play a bridging role, utilizing the resources of the Gansu Federation of Industry and Commerce platform, actively attracting merchants and enterprises to assist in the modernization of agriculture in Gansu Province, and striving to accelerate the construction of a happy and beautiful new Gansu.ZP3 ZP4 ZP5 ZP6

    Post time: Apr-24-2023

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