Delegation of Zimbabwe Embassy in China visits Dayu Irrigation Group

On September 5, Zimbabwean Ambassador Martin Chedondo and national defense attache jefft Mr. munonwa, Minister grahia nyagus and executive assistant Ms. song Xiangling visited Dayu water saving group for investigation. Zhang Xueshuang, chairman of Dayu Irrigation?Group supply chain company, Yan Guodong, general manager, Cao Li, general manager of international business department and all members of international business department accompanied the investigation and talks.


The Zimbabwean ambassador and his party have visited Dayu culture exhibition hall, smart ecological agriculture demonstration park, sewage treatment station, drip irrigation belt production workshop, intelligent manufacturing production workshop, pipe workshop, etc. they have a detailed understanding of Dayu’s water-saving development history, mission and vision, honors and awards, Party building work, China Water saving forum and other whole industry chain layouts, as well as Yuanmou water-saving irrigation project, Pengyang people’s drinking project Wuqing rural sewage treatment project and other representative cases and business models.


Mr. Martin Chedondo, Ambassador of Zimbabwe, highly praised our company’s achievements at home and abroad in the field of agricultural irrigation. The ambassador also said that China and Zimbabwe have profound friendship. The historical relationship between our company and Zimbabwe is particularly mentioned. In 2018, Dayu water saving participated in the China Zimbabwe business forum and was received by the president. This visit is a continuation of friendship and cooperation. Agriculture is one of the economic pillars of Zimbabwe. The agricultural output value accounts for about 20% of the GDP, 40% of the export income comes from agricultural products, 50% of the industry relies on agricultural products as raw materials, and the agricultural population accounts for 75% of the national population. We hope to learn from China’s experience in the future agricultural development, get all-round support from companies like Dayu water saving, and strengthen cooperation with Dayu Irrigation Group in the field of agricultural irrigation.


Zhang Xueshuang, chairman of the supply chain company, thanked the ambassador and his party for their visit and expressed the hope that through this visit and exchange, they can have a deeper understanding of our company’s strength and business scope, and find more cooperation points. They are always welcome to discuss cooperation matters. Yan Guodong, general manager of the supply chain company, elaborated on the corporate mission of “making agriculture smarter, rural areas better, and farmers happier” established by Dayu water saving in the implementation of the water-saving agricultural development strategy, and selected the “three water and three networks” of agriculture, rural areas, farmers and farmers, which are highly efficient water-saving, rural domestic sewage, and farmers’ safe drinking water, as the company’s business area, focusing on Dayu Irrigation Yuanmou project, Wuqing project and Pengyang project. The two sides conducted in-depth discussions on follow-up cooperation and determined the direction, and agreed to exchange visits and exchanges in the future.



The visit of the Zimbabwean Ambassador delegation to China has played a certain role in the brand promotion of Dayu’s water-saving Africa business. The delegation also invited Dayu water saving group to visit Zimbabwe’s agricultural market for research. The two sides said that they would promote cooperation in agricultural business and agreed that the next visit and talks would have full project discussions to jointly contribute to Zimbabwe’s agricultural development.






Post time: Sep-07-2022

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