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  • DAYU Irrigation Group’s South African Distributor is Participating in the NAMPO2023

    Exciting News!DAYU Irrigation Group’s South African distributor is participating in the NAMPO2023. Our booth H4 is making waves at the event, with customers buzzing around to learn more about our top-notch irrigation solutions. Join us at the exhibition from May 16th to 19th, 2023, and experience the future of farming!

    Our booth H4 is buzzing with activity as customers are flocking to learn about our innovative irrigation products and solutions. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover how our cutting-edge technologies can enhance agricultural productivity and maximize water efficiency.

    Witness the power of DAYU’s irrigation systems as customers gather around our booth, seeking the latest insights and cutting-edge technology. Our team is thrilled to share how our solutions can optimize yields, conserve water, and enhance productivity for your farm.

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    Post time: May-19-2023

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