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  • Dayu Irrigation Group won the “Outstanding Contribution Award for Advanced Enterprises in Gansu Province”, and Wang Haoyu, the chairman, won the title of “Outstanding Entrepreneur in Gansu Province”

    On December 24, the Gansu Provincial Strong Industry Action Promotion Conference and the Commendation Conference for Advanced Enterprises and Excellent Entrepreneurs was held in Lanzhou, and Hu Changsheng, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, attended the conference and delivered a speech. Ren Zhenhe, deputy secretary of the provincial party committee and governor of the province, presided over the meeting. The conference commended 98 advanced enterprises and 56 outstanding entrepreneurs (attached to the list of winners). Dayu Irrigaton Group Co., Ltd. won the “Outstanding Contribution Award for Advanced Enterprises in Gansu Province”, and Chairman Wang Haoyu won the “Outstanding Entrepreneur in Gansu Province”.



    The recommendation and selection of advanced enterprises and outstanding entrepreneurs in Gansu Province were carried out in the way of bottom-up, level by level recommendation, differential selection, and democratic selection. After being reviewed by the Provincial Advanced Enterprises and Outstanding Entrepreneurs Review Committee, reviewed by the Provincial Advanced Enterprises and Outstanding Entrepreneurs Selection and Commendation Leading Group, and reviewed at the provincial government executive meeting, 32 enterprises including Dayu Irrigation Group were commended for their outstanding contribution to the advanced enterprises in Gansu Province, At the same time, 56 comrades including Wang Haoyu, Chairman of the Group, were commended as outstanding entrepreneurs in Gansu Province.


    Hu Changsheng, Secretary of Gansu Provincial Party Committee


    Ren Zhenhe, Deputy Secretary of Gansu Provincial Party Committee and Governor of Gansu Province

    The meeting stressed that we should recognize the new situation, establish extraordinary ambition to strengthen industry, find a breakthrough, and seek extraordinary strategies to strengthen industry. The equipment manufacturing industry should speed up the upgrading, promote the accelerated transformation of the industrial chain, seize the key points, and make extraordinary efforts to strengthen the industry; It is necessary to focus on the driving force, enhance the stamina, strengthen support, take unconventional measures, take hard and practical measures, promote industrial development, and strive to improve the activity and competitiveness of industrial enterprises; We should demand power from reform, vitality from innovation, potential from digital, attraction from parks, and promotion from policies and elements to constantly promote the development of industrial economy; We should improve the executive power and use extraordinary means to strengthen industry; The industrial special shift system should be established. All special shifts should strengthen the communication and seamless connection, and the leading departments of all special shifts should implement the responsibility of joint management to form a joint force; It is necessary to establish the system of industry association, realize the full coverage of industrial enterprises in the province, accelerate the implementation of the action of strengthening industry, and strive to promote the high-quality development of industry in the province.


    As one of the first listed companies on the GEM from Jiuquan, Gansu Province to the whole country, Dayu Irrigation Group has been deeply engaged in agricultural and water business for more than 20 years, and has always been dedicated to solving and serving problems in agriculture, rural areas, farmers and water resources. The company has established a whole industrial chain of planning, design, construction, manufacturing, investment, operation and informatization based on the development idea of “agriculture, rural areas and water” (efficient water conservation in agriculture, rural sewage treatment, and safe drinking water for farmers) and the integration of three networks (water network, information network, and service network). On the basis of strengthening the manufacturing industry, we will continue to innovate and improve the level of intelligent manufacturing and information construction. In 2016, Dayu won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award. According to the “Fourteenth Five Year” Intelligent Manufacturing Development Plan, in 2022, Dayu successfully applied for the National Development and Reform Commission’s modern service industry special project “Dayu Irrigation Group Product Whole Life Cycle Management Capability Improvement Project”. Dayu Irrigation Group has scientifically prepared operation plans to ensure timely supply of inventory and achieve the balance of production, supply and sales; Build five production bases nationwide (three of which are in Gansu Province) with lean production management to achieve quality objectives; Through scientific operation plan preparation, production scheduling plan implementation, production process quality assurance, and cost control, the company mainly produces water saving irrigation products of more than 1500 varieties in more than 30 series of 9 categories, including drip irrigation pipes (belts), sprinkler irrigation equipment, filtering equipment, fertilizer application equipment, water transmission and distribution pipe materials and pipe fittings, integrated measurement and control gates, intelligent water meters, and sewage treatment equipment, making the product customers all over the country, It is sold to more than 50 countries and regions around the world.


    In accordance with the digital water control idea of “demand traction, application first, digital empowerment, and capability improvement” of the Ministry of Water Resources, Dayu Irrigaton Group?has continuously strengthened the research and development and practice of water conservancy informatization, constantly improved the construction of modern agricultural operation services and science and technology research and development centers, and integrated core hardware facilities such as precision drip irrigation belts, intelligent water meters, integrated gates for measurement and control, and sewage treatment membranes into three-dimensional perception, intelligent decision-making, automatic control Multidimensional display and other functions of “irrigation brain”. The water conservancy information SaaS cloud platform of Dayu Irrigation Group, which is characterized by thorough perception, comprehensive interconnection, deep mining, intelligent application, ubiquitous service and comprehensive decision-making, passed the acceptance in December this year and was officially put into operation; In particular, it coincides with the great opportunity of digital twin basin construction. Dayu Irrigation Group?has won the construction opportunities of digital twin Shule River (digital irrigation area) project, Hunan Ouyanghai irrigation area, Dayudu irrigation area, Fengle River irrigation area and other projects with its profound technical accumulation and good business reputation, Among them, Ouyanghai Irrigation District Water Conservancy Project and Shule River Irrigation District Project were selected into 2 of the 32 outstanding application cases in the directory of the Ministry of Water Resources on December 27, 2022 (2022), creating a “sample” project of water information with high starting point, high positioning and high standard, and comprehensively supporting high-quality development.

    The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was successfully held, which mapped out a grand blueprint for comprehensively promoting the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation with Chinese path to modernization. Dayu Irrigation Group?has once again stood at a key historical node. The achievements and honors have been attributed to history. All Dayu people will always “listen to the Party’s words, feel the Party’s kindness, and follow the Party”. Taking advantage of the success of the 20th National Congress of the Party, they will not forget their original intentions and forge ahead bravely. They will closely focus on the corporate mission of “making agriculture more intelligent, making rural areas better, and making farmers happier”, actively carry forward the corporate spirit of “harnessing floods with Dayu, and doing Dayu’s water-saving cause”, and constantly devote themselves to rural revitalization The green transformation of beautiful China and development will continue to promote the development of the company with the core business solution of “three agriculture, three rivers and three networks” and the core business development model of “two hands work together”, continue to make efforts on the construction of Chinese path to modernization, and make new contributions on the road of promoting high-quality development of hometown.

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