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  • Dayu Irrigation Group was selected into 2022 The Case of “the Belt and Road” Green Supply Chain, and invited to attend “The Belt and Road Economic & Environmental Cooperation Forum.

    On January 10,?The Belt and Road Economic &?Environmental Cooperation Forum?hosted by All-China Environment Federation was held in Beijing. The forum carried out in-depth exchanges and cooperation under two major themes.

    Theme 1: “The Belt and Road” Green Development Cooperation, New Pattern, New Opportunities and New Future.

    Theme 2: “Silk Road and Grand Canal”?Exchange and Cooperation of Ecology and Culture,?Co-?construction, shared development,?Win-win.


    Dayu?Irrigation?Group Co., Ltd. was selected into the 2022 The Case?of “Belt and Road” Green Supply Chain by virtue of the case “Promoting green transformation of supply chain by digitization” and was invited to participate in the cooperation forum. Ms. Cao Li, general manager of DAYU?International Division, on behalf of DAYU and?attended the forum received the certificate issued by All-China Environment Federation.


    Many representatives of international organizations, diplomats from countries along the “the Belt and Road” to?China, heads of the International Business Association, international enterprise representatives, etc. also participated in the forum. DAYU?International Team conducted in-depth exchanges with diplomatic representatives from Egypt, Venezuela, Malawi, Tunisia and other countries, and invited them to visit DAYU?, to further explore cooperation in water conservancy, agricultural irrigation and other fields around the world.



    Post time: Jan-12-2023

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