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  • Dayu Irrigation Group was awarded the “2022 Outstanding Enterprise of the Year for Sustainable Development”

    On November 18, the “First Summit Forum for the Sustainable Development Officials of Listed Companies and the Selection of the Best Awards of the Year” hosted by Ernst&Young was officially announced. As the representative of the sustainable development of listed companies, Dayu Irrigation Group, together with nine listed companies from mainland China and Hong Kong, including Guodian Power Development Holding Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd., stood out from many candidates and won the award of “Outstanding Enterprise”.

    The theme of this activity is “creating long-term value and drawing a credible future”. The selection extensively explored the pioneer models leading China’s sustainable development. Centering on national major strategies such as green development, rural revitalization, and common prosperity, with reference to the world’s latest sustainable development evaluation system and ESG standards, and taking into account the impact of business, society, and technology, the evaluation was conducted professionally, fairly, and strictly by an independent jury.


    The jury believed that Dayu Water Saving, in the field of agriculture and water conservancy, took science and technology and model innovation as inexhaustible driving force, carbon reduction to help new agricultural infrastructure, water saving to create ecological added value, took the guardian of food security in the new era as its own responsibility, and made great contributions to solving the problems of agriculture, rural areas, farmers and water resources and rural revitalization with the comprehensive solution of “three networks integration” of water network, information network and service network, In order to recognize the outstanding achievements of Dayu Irrigation Group in smart agriculture and water conservancy, we hereby award Dayu Irrigation Outstanding Enterprise Award!


    In 2021, Dayu Irrigation Group disclosed the ESG report for the first time. The ESG gene of agriculture and water conservancy prompted Dayu to actively participate in various related work and practices of sustainable development, and served as a member of the ESG Professional Committee of China Association of Listed Companies. Under the topic of sustainable development, this year’s Dayu water-saving project cases were successively selected into the best practice cases of rural revitalization of listed companies, G20 Global Infrastructure Center (GIH) InfraTech case set, BRICS governments and social capital cooperation to promote sustainable development technical report, UNESCO (United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific) Agenda III “Expanding investment in climate infrastructure through PPP mode” case ESG excellent practice cases of listed companies, ADB (Asian Development Bank) project cases, etc.


    Post time: Dec-01-2022

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