Dayu Irrigation Group-Promoting green transformation of supply chain with digitalization

DAYU?Irrigation Group Co., Ltd. founded in 1999, is a state-level high- tech enterprise relying on the Chinese Academy of water sciences, the science and technology promotion center of the Ministry of water resources, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of engineering and other scientific research institutions. It was listed on the growth enterprise market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in October 2009. Since its establishment for more than 20 years, the company has always been focusing on and committed to solving and serving the problems of agriculture, rural areas and water resources. It has developed into a professional system solution of the whole industrial chain integrating agricultural water saving, urban and rural water supply, sewage treatment, intelligent water affairs, water system connection, water ecological treatment and restoration, and integrating project planning, design, investment, construction, operation, management and maintenance services Solution Provider.

Promoting green transformation of supply chain with digitalization

Strategic planning of green supply chain

(1)?Establish a green evaluation system and strengthen the greening of all links

Strengthen the green concept, fulfill the obligations of energy saving, material saving and emission reduction, and establish a scientific and reasonable green product evaluation system. The company assesses the resource and energy consumption, environmental impact, product reusability, product life cycle, etc. of the product according to the environmental and economic criteria, so as to ensure the practicality, economy, durability and reusability of the product, thus protecting the environment and saving resources. Continuously improve the greening of product design, fully consider the function, quality, energy saving, material saving, cleanness and low emissions of products, and reduce the use of non renewable resources and scarce resources. Continuously improve the supply chain management system, effectively plan, organize and control all links of the supply chain, establish a long-term and healthy strategic partnership with suppliers, and effectively use resources, substitute scarce resources, and reuse resources.

(2)?Implement new energy utilization and promote energy conservation, consumption reduction and emission reduction

Manufacturing enterprises implement new energy utilization, improve enterprise management level and production technology level, realize energy conservation, consumption reduction, pollution reduction and efficiency increase, allocate resources efficiently and reasonably, improve material utilization rate and reduce production costs.

(3)?Strengthen the construction of intelligent, information-based and green production

The company will focus on intelligent manufacturing, accelerate the innovation of manufacturing technology, manufacturing mode and operation mode, and improve the level of intelligent manufacturing and integrated application; Carry out the construction of digital platform for design simulation, carry out the digital R&D and design of products, realize the digital simulation test of products, and reduce the waste of energy and resources in the physical test process. In order to do a good job in energy conservation and emission reduction in an all-round way, the company will adhere to the scientific concept of development, follow the concept of environmental protection and green design in future construction and transformation projects, plan, design and implement in strict accordance with the national environmental protection standards and design specifications, and further improve the share of energy-saving and environmental protection materials and energy-saving and environmental protection equipment.

(4)?Strengthen the construction of energy management center and waste materials management

The company has completed the certification of quality management system, environmental management system, occupational health and safety management system, and energy management system. At present, through comprehensive planning, implementation, inspection and improvement, based on efficient energy-saving products, practical energy-saving technologies and methods, and best management practices, the company reduces energy consumption and improves energy utilization efficiency. Further strengthen the management of waste materials in the production process, refine the disposal measures, and implement the refined management of pollution control. Eliminate and reduce the generation and discharge of waste and sewage, realize the rational utilization of resources, promote the compatibility of product production and consumption processes with the environment, and reduce the harm of the entire production activities to human beings and the environment.

(5)?Intelligent manufacturing capacity construction of agricultural precision irrigation equipment

Through the implementation of digital networking transformation, intelligent manufacturing equipment integrated application, intelligent logistics and warehousing, production management and control platform, design process simulation, remote operation and maintenance services, personalized customized marketing, enterprise big data and intelligent decision-making and other key tasks and measures, the full coverage of information systems and industrial chains will be achieved, and a new intelligent manufacturing mode oriented to the full production process, all-round management and full product life cycle will be established. New achievements have been made in the comprehensive application of digital, networked and intelligent technologies and machine replacement, automation and digital manufacturing have been fully realized and new breakthroughs have been made, the “four streams” of material flow, capital flow, information flow and decision-making flow have been integrated, and the integration of intelligent management and control such as product R&D design, production process, warehousing logistics, remote operation and maintenance services, and business decision-making has been achieved. At the same time, a group of practical professionals in intelligent manufacturing of precision irrigation equipment will be trained to help the transformation and upgrading of precision irrigation equipment industry and the modernization of agriculture.

Realize digital transformation and upgrading of precision irrigation equipment factory/workshop;

Build a new intelligent logistics warehousing system and a lean production management and control platform;

③Improve the system of simulation design, simulation, remote operation and maintenance services, personalized customized marketing, etc;

Build industrial cloud platform and industrial big data platform;

Integrated enterprise big data platform intelligent decision support system;

⑥?Carry out research and application on intelligent manufacturing standard system of precision irrigation equipment.

Implementation of green supply chain

As a leading enterprise in the water-saving irrigation industry, Dayu Irrigation?Group has introduced the concept of “green manufacturing” in the aspect of product intelligent manufacturing, solved the key problems such as large energy consumption and resources, high environmental and water resources consumption, and poor economic benefits throughout the product life cycle, and produced a batch of intelligent, standardized, modular new green products with low energy consumption, low pollution, and easy recycling, A development model of cleaner production and energy conservation has been established.


Proceeding from the enterprise mission of “making agriculture Smarter,?making rural areas better and farmers happier”, the company has become the leading position in the field of agricultural efficient water saving after 20 years of hard development. With agricultural science and technology and services as the two major focuses, the company has gradually built a rural water conservancy industry from project diagnosis, planning, capital, design, investment, intelligent manufacturing, high standard farmland construction, farmland operation and management, farmland Internet of Things Future farm services, smart agriculture, comprehensive agriculture and farmers’ value-added services will provide customers and users with comprehensive service solutions covering all fields of modern agriculture and the whole industrial chain through intelligent and information-based terminal Internet of Things technology and operation and maintenance management services that adapt to the development of modern agriculture.


Focusing on large-scale operation management, the company has made full use of “Internet plus” and modern agricultural IOT terminal management technology, business support sharing technology, smart agricultural technology, data cloud technology, agricultural 5G revolution and other high-tech means to gradually build a scientific and technological service system serving the operation of agricultural water projects, and through the IOT management platform to collect, collect, process, transmit, provide system solutions and connect sales channels, Realize the effective improvement of agricultural science and technology and the interconnection of Internet of Things operation services, and promote the acceleration of agricultural modernization. The specific implementation is as follows:


(1) Organize the establishment of green supply chain leading group

Dayu Irrigation?Group adheres to the scientific concept of development, implements the spirit of Made in China 2025?(GF [2015] No. 28), the Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Carrying out the Construction of a Green Manufacturing System (GXH [2016] No. 586), and the Implementation Rules for the Evaluation and Management of the Construction of a Green Manufacturing System in Gansu Province (GGXF [2020] No. 59), standardizes business behavior, strengthens industry self-discipline, and performs social responsibilities, To build a resource-saving and environment-friendly industry, the company has set up a green supply chain leading group to be fully responsible for the organization and implementation of green supply chain construction.

(2)Through the design concept of “green and low-carbon”

In product design, guided by the principles of high quality and quantification of materials, modularization of production, recycling of resources, and reduction of energy consumption, the company applies the concept of green environmental protection to build a new intelligent manufacturing mode of precision irrigation equipment for traditional water-saving irrigation series products, such as drip irrigation pipes (tapes), fertilizer applicators, filters, and transmission and distribution pipe materials, so as to reduce or avoid the “three wastes” emissions during production and environmental pollution. The company has made continuous improvement in product greening, promoted the industrial upgrading of the company, and walked out a green development path.

(3)?Promoting Scientific Research and Production Management with Digitization

Focusing on promoting the transformation and upgrading of precision irrigation equipment industry and improving the supporting capacity of agricultural modernization equipment, through the comprehensive application of automation, digitalization, informatization, networking, intelligent manufacturing equipment and the new generation of information technology, we will build a precision irrigation equipment intelligent factory, a remote operation and maintenance service platform and a personalized customized marketing platform to achieve the numerical control rate of key equipment, the productivity rate of core products, production efficiency The “four improvements” of land utilization rate, the “four reductions” of product development cycle, the rate of defective products, energy consumption per unit output value, and operating costs, explore the formation of a model and standard system for intelligent manufacturing of precision irrigation equipment and a professional talent team, build a benchmarking project for intelligent manufacturing of precision irrigation equipment industry, and actively carry out the demonstration and promotion of successful experience and models.

(4) Green plant design and construction

The Company adopts new materials and new technologies in the new plant and the reconstruction of existing plant, which fully reflects energy conservation, water saving, material saving and environmental protection. All functional buildings make full use of natural ventilation and lighting, and the building structure adopts enclosure structure insulation and heat insulation measures. All production and test plants adopt green building materials such as steel structures, hollow glass energy-saving doors and windows, thermal insulation walls, etc. The steel roof is designed with bright roof windows to ensure lighting and indoor temperature compensation in winter and reduce energy consumption of the plant.

(5)Technical transformation of product informatization

Guided by the need to adapt to the transformation of modern agricultural development mode and improve quality and efficiency, with the goal of promoting the transformation and upgrading of energy saving and consumption reduction of water-saving irrigation equipment industry, and improving the supporting capacity of modern water-saving agricultural equipment, aiming at the main problems in the water-saving irrigation equipment manufacturing industry, through the implementation of digital networking transformation, intelligent equipment integration application, intelligent logistics and storage, production management and control platform, design process simulation, remote operation and maintenance services Key tasks and measures in the direction of personalized customized marketing, enterprise big data and intelligent decision-making, to achieve full coverage of the information system and industrial chain, and to establish a new intelligent manufacturing mode oriented to the full production process, all-round management and full product life cycle.

Implementation effect of green supply chain

Dayu Irrigation Group?actively responded to the national the Belt and Road initiative, and constantly explored new ideas and models of “going out” and “bringing in”. It has successively established Dayu Irrigation?American Technology Center, Dayu Water Israel Company and Innovation Research and Development Center, integrating global resources and achieving rapid development of international business. Dayu’s water-saving products and services cover more than 50 countries and regions, including South Korea, Thailand, South Africa and Australia. In addition to general trade, major progress has been made in large-scale agricultural water conservancy, agricultural irrigation, urban water supply and other complete projects and integrated projects, gradually forming a global strategic layout of overseas business.

Dayu Irrigation Group?has established and is establishing branches in Hong Kong, Israel, Thailand, the Middle East, Africa and other countries or regions to support the Gansu Provincial Government to promote the “going out” strategy of enterprises in the province, and become a powerful hand for the functional departments of the Gansu Provincial Government to serve enterprises in the province “going out together”. Make full use of the local policy environment, religious customs, technical standards and other resource advantages that Dayu has mastered for many years, as well as the good cooperation relationship with local strategic partner enterprises and government functions, to serve enterprises inside and outside Gansu Province to develop the international market of countries along the Belt and Road initiative.

1. Southeast Asia market

At present, Dayu Irrigation has established partnerships with enterprises in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc., focusing on channel layout in markets such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc. The local area has mature experience in international project development.

2. Middle East and Central Asia Market

The Middle East and Central Asia markets are the international markets where Dayu Water Saving has been deeply rooted. At present, it has established good cooperation relations with key national enterprises in Israel, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other countries. It has many years of experience in international market development locally.

3. African market

At present, Dayu Water Saving focuses on developing African markets such as Benin, Nigeria, Botswana, South Africa, Malawi, Sudan, Rwanda, Zambia and Angola.

4. European and American developed countries or regional markets

At present, Dayu Water Saving aims to export products and technical services to South Korea, some European countries, the United States and other regions. In the future, Dayu Water Saving will continue to open up international markets for these countries. It has set up offices in Hong Kong, the United States and other regions. In the future, it will continue to expand the functions of these offices. It has set up branches, which will serve the implementation of the “the Belt and Road initiative” strategy of the manufacturing industry in Gansu Province.



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