Dayu Irrigation Donates Epidemic Prevention Materials to Help Gansu Epidemic Prevention and Control

Recently, a new round of new crown epidemic occurred in Gansu Province, and the situation is grim. The epidemic is an order, and the anti-epidemic is a responsibility. With the coordination and support of the Beijing Office of the Provincial Government, on July 21, Dayu Water Saving Group quickly mobilized relevant personnel and urgently allocated resources from all parties. Anti-epidemic materials worth 790,000 yuan worth of antigen reagents, 160,000 N95 masks, and 3,000 sets of medical protective clothing have been prepared and loaded into vehicles.




Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Dayu Water-Saving Group has walked with the country, took the initiative to act, and quickly joined the battle of epidemic prevention and control with a high sense of social responsibility. The unit donated more than 15 million yuan of epidemic prevention materials.


The source of drinking water never forgets its roots, and the tree is thousands of feet high and never leaves its roots. As an enterprise that grew up in Gansu, Dayu Water Saving Group is willing to overcome difficulties together with its hometown, and firmly believes that under the strong leadership of the provincial party committee and government, it will work together with the people of the whole province. With our hard work, we will surely win this tough battle of epidemic prevention and control!

Post time: Jul-28-2022

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