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  • DAYU Give a Report on Site at the Meeting Held by Ministry of Water Resources to Promote the Construction of Modern Irrigation Areas

    On May 6th, the on-site meeting of the Ministry of Water Resources to deepen the comprehensive reform of agricultural water prices and promote the construction of modern irrigation areas was successfully held in Yuanmou County, Yunnan Province. Mr. Li Guoying, the Secretary of the Party Group and Minister of the Ministry of Water Resources, attended the meeting and delivered a speech, while Mr. Wang Yubo, the Deputy Secretary of the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and Governor, attended and delivered a speech. The meeting clarified that high-quality development of irrigation areas is the primary task to achieve modernization of farmland and water conservancy, and is the key path to achieve national food security, modernization of agricultural industry, and increasing farmers’ income and wealth. All parts of the country should accelerate the construction of modern irrigation areas to provide strong support for building an agricultural power. Leaders attending the meeting conducted in-depth investigations on the project of Yuanmou Irrigation District, in which DAYU participated in investment, construction, and operation. At the Yuanmou Project Exhibition Hall, they listened to the report of the Chairman of DAYU, Mr. Wang Haoyu, on DAYU’s participation in the development of modern irrigation areas and gave full recognition.

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    At the Yuanmou Project Operation and Management Center, Mr. Wang Haoyu gave a report titled “Two Hands to Promote Market Revitalization, Revitalize Modern Irrigation District, and Run Thousands of hectares of Good Fields”. He detailed the innovative practices of DAYU Irrigation?in recent years, such as franchising, BOT,?commissioned operation, and contract water saving, the practical situation of these models according to the different areas, as well as the beneficial exploration of?organic integration of agricultural efficient water conservation, rural sewage treatment, and farmers’ safe drinking water?in Xiaoyangzhuang, Yuanma Town. And he explained the technological innovation achievements of DAYU?in the development of intelligent equipment and digital twin irrigation technology in irrigation areas. Suggestions were put forward for the future construction of modern irrigation areas in terms of increasing returns, reducing risks, increasing asset liquidity to support water, and establishing a path for social capital participation in the project planning stage.



    Leaders attending to the meeting visited the IOT water meter, operation and management system in irrigation district, digital twins system, operation maintenance monitoring cloud platform developed by DAYU
    DAYU?will not disappoint the expectations of leaders, taking the modernization of irrigation areas, water conservancy, and agriculture as its own responsibility. It will continue to adhere to technological and model innovation, and contribute DAYU’s strength to the high-quality development of water conservancy in the new stage, continuously exploring, practicing, and advancing.



    Post time: May-15-2023

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