DAYU Attending The 11th International Exhibition of Agriculture, Agroindustry and Agricultural Export Technology of Peru from October 20 to 22

On October 20, 2022, DAYU Irrigation Group Co., Ltd. joined hands with the local well-known agricultural service company YOLAOKA EIRL to make an appearance in Peru Agricultural Exhibition. The 11th Peru International Exhibition on Agriculture, Agro industry and Agricultural Export Technology was grandly opened in Lima, the capital of Peru. It is a very influential professional exhibition in the agricultural field in South America. The exhibition lasts for three days. The local partner of DAYU--YOLAOKA EIRL, is a local Peruvian company engaged in agricultural irrigation consulting services, irrigation product supply and irrigation project installation services. Both parties will work together to provide professional agricultural irrigation services for Peru and its surrounding countries. YOLAOKA Company’s Address:Calle Mártir José Olaya N° 129 Int. 1606 Centro empresarial Jose Pardo-Miraflores-Lima. TELEPHONE:+51 947 520 442, welcome friends from all to inquire.



During the exhibition, our booth attracted a large number of customers, who were deeply interested in DAYU IRRIGATION GROUP, a leading enterprise of agricultural irrigation industry in China, and expressed the intention of cooperation. YOLAOKA and DAYU are able to provide the world with total solutions for drip irrigation systems, micro sprinkler systems and central pivot irrigation systems, including project design, quality product supply, irrigation consulting services and installation guidance.



In addition to agricultural irrigation, there are also customers interested in domestic water, welcome friends to consult and negotiate.


Post time: Oct-22-2022

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