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  • DAYU at the first world expo on digital agriculture 2023

    On April 25, the first world expo on digital agriculture(WEDA) 2023 opened in Weifang. The exhibition was organized by the Foreign Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Rural Agriculture, and many domestic and foreign enterprises participated, creating an unprecedented spectacle. DAYU Irrigation Group Co., Ltd, as the most professional company in China in the area of water irrigation, attended this exhibition.





    In this exhibition with the theme of smart agriculture, DAYU attracted numerous exhibitors to discuss with the “smart agriculture” system and “digital twins” technology, laying the foundation for a benign cooperation relationship between enterprises in the future. “Digital twins” is a virtual representation of the real world, and DAYU applies this technology to agricultural production, promoting the mission of “Make the agriculture smarter”.


    DAYU will insist on the mission of “Make the agriculture smarter, Make the countryside better, Make the farmer happier” and make great efforts around water conservation, wastewater treatment and drinking water.

    Post time: Apr-28-2023

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