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  • DAYU 2022 Annual Performance Briefing Meeting Successfully Held

    On April 18, DAYU? 2022 Annual Performance Briefing Meeting was successfully held in Beijing R&D Center.? Mr. Wang Haoyu,? the Chairman of the Group, Mr. Zhao Xinmin, the Independent Director, Mr. Gao Zhanyi, the Chief Scientist and the Dean of the Research Institute,? Mr. Chen Jing, the Vice President and the Secretary of the Board of Directors, Mr. Song Jinyan, the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, and Mr. Zhang Guiyang, the Sponsor Representative attended the meeting and discussed with Investors conducted live online communication and witnessed the new chapter of DAYU ‘s rejuvenation and upgrading and layout for future development.

    GG1 Wang Haoyu, Chairman of the Group

    According to the performance report, in 2022, DAYU?signed new orders of 669 million USD for the entire year, with operating revenue remaining equivalent to the previous year, achieving a revenue of 494 million USD and a net profit attributable to the parent company of 141 million USD; The net cash flow generated from operating activities was approximately 547 million USD, a year-on-year increase of over 120%. At the same time, the company’s R&D investment has reached its peak in recent years, actively introducing high-end professional talents. The annual R&D investment was?20 million, a year-on-year increase of 15%, and the R&D investment accounted for 4.07% of the operating revenue. Multiple intelligent hardware R&D and SaaS platform construction have made significant progress, and multiple digital twin projects have been listed as excellent application cases by the Ministry of Water Resources.

    At the performance briefing, Mr. Wang Haoyu, the chairman of the group, showed his appreciation to investors for their long-term support and assistance to DAYU and hoped that investors would firmly believe in the future of DAYU?Water Conservation. He stated that the development of water conservation and digital water conservancy industry is in the ascendant. DAYU?has seized historical opportunities and policy trends, made early arrangements, improved the industrial chain, increased research and development investment, and created a digital water conservancy ecosystem driven by both technological innovation and model innovation; On the other hand, DAYU fully implements the concept of sustainable development, maintains healthy cash flow, improves the company system, strengthens management and construction, and creates an efficient, united, and highly effective project team. Chairman Wang Haoyu emphasized that in the future, DAYU?will continue to practice on “two hands”, continuously explore and move forward on the development trends of China’s agricultural water conservancy industry, such as agricultural water price reform and cutting-edge water conservancy technology research and development, and have confidence and ability to contribute “DAYU?wisdom” and “DAYU strength” to China’s water conservation cause.

    ZP1 ZP2

    2022 is a crucial year for the high-quality development of water conservancy during the 14th Five Year Plan period. DAYU focuses on the water management concept of “prioritizing water conservation, balancing space, systematic governance, and leveraging both hands”. With 3000 employees working together, the group has achieved significant breakthroughs in various fields and projects, including product and technology research and development, digital twin construction of water conservancy, modernization of irrigation projects, and digital intelligent operation and maintenance management. DAYU?have taken another solid step on the new journey of agricultural modernization and water conservancy modernization.

    The holding of DAYU 2022 annual performance briefing meeting further enhanced investors’ understanding of DAYU’s development status, conveyed the company’s confidence in DAYU’s future development to the market, and demonstrated DAYU’s potential to investors. Investment value, so as to realize multi-party deepening cooperation, seek a new model of mutual benefit and win-win, and create a new situation of development together.



    Post time: Apr-23-2023

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