4.6 meters high ground clearance central pivot sprinkler Sugarcane Irrigation Project in Pakistan 2022

The project is located in Pakistan. The crop is sugarcane , with a total area of forty five hectares.


The Dayu team communicated with the customer for several days. The products were selected by the customer and passed the third-party TUV test. Finally, the two parties signed contract and selected 4.6-meter-high span center pivot sprinkler to irrigate the sugarcane plantation. The high-span center pivot sprinkler not only has the basic characteristics of water-saving, time-saving and labor-saving, but also can meet the irrigation needs of tall crops such as sugarcane. With the use of KOMET sprinklers, the uniformity of water spray can reach more than 90%, and the crops will not be damaged.


DAYU Engineer provided the reassemble guide service which make sure the equipments smoothly be used at the site.


The customer spoke highly of the product quality of Dayu Group and the professional service of the technical team.?the customer said?that they would have more cooperation with Dayu?in agriculture in the future.


Post time: Oct-13-2022

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