11-member delegation led by Sun Qixin, President of China Agricultural University, visited Dayu Irrigation Yuanmou Project

On July 14, Sun Qixin, President of China Agricultural University, Gao Wangsheng, Dean of the National Agricultural Science and Technology Strategy Research Institute, Cao Zhijun, Executive Deputy Dean of the Undergraduate School of China Agricultural University, Ni Zhongfu, Dean of the Agricultural College, and Du Jinkun, Director of the Social Affairs Department, etc. 11 people visited Dayu Irrigation?Yuanmou Project Company for inspection.

Zhang Wenwang, Deputy Secretary of the Chuxiong Prefecture Committee, Governor of the Prefecture People's Government, Pan Hongwei, Member of the Standing Committee of the Prefecture Committee and Minister of the United Front Work Department, Li Yong, Deputy Governor, Wang Xiujiang, Deputy Governor, Luo Fusheng, Secretary General of the Prefecture People's Government, Deputy Secretary General of the Prefecture Committee and Government, and State Water Affairs Yu Haichao, director of the bureau, Dai Chunzhi, director of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau, Wang Kaiguo, deputy secretary of the Yuanmou County Party Committee, the county head of the county people's government, and the main leaders of the county party committee office, county government office, water affairs bureau and other units accompanied the inspection.

Cui Jing, Senior Vice President of Dayu Water Saving Group and President of Agricultural Water Group, Xu Xibin, Vice President of Dayu Irrigation?Group and Chairman of Southwest Headquarters, Zhang Guoxiang, General Manager of Yunnan Company, and Ma Baopeng, General Manager of Yuanmou Project Company attended the ceremony.


Xu Xibin, Vice President of Dayu Water-Saving Group and Chairman of Southwest Headquarters, focuses on the development strategy of "Three Networks for Sannong, Sanshui, and Two-handed Forces and Responsibilities", the development concept of "Dual-Driven Technology Models, Smart Three-Networks to Promote Sannong", With the corporate mission of "making agriculture smarter, making rural areas better, and making farmers happier", he introduced the company's development history, national and whole industry chain layout, non-public party building and other work to the delegation. The model, mechanism and achievements of the 114,000-mu high-efficiency water-saving irrigation project were reported in detail.


The 114,000-mu high-efficiency water-saving irrigation project in the Bingjian piece of Yuanmou large-scale irrigation area is the result of the Dayu Water-Saving Group's proposal to "build the mechanism first, then build the project" as the farmland water conservancy reform proposed by former Vice Premier Wang Yang during his inspection in Luliang in June 2014. After meeting the overall requirements, successfully implemented the first Luliang project in the country that introduced social capital to invest in farmland water conservancy construction, and in January 2016, when the national farmland water conservancy reform on-site meeting was held on the Luliang project, it was proposed to "turn Luliang bonsai into landscape". On the basis of the comprehensive reform of agricultural water price, the first farmland water conservancy PPP project in the country was implemented with the comprehensive reform of agricultural water price as the driving force, the innovation of the system and mechanism as the driving force, and the development of the plateau characteristic agricultural industry as the goal. The model has innovated six mechanisms of "initial water rights allocation, agricultural water price formation, introduction of social capital to participate in construction and operation, water-saving incentives and targeted subsidies, mass participation, and project management and protection", and realized the multi-party cooperation between the government, enterprises and farmers. win. The project was listed as a PPP demonstration project by the Ministry of Finance, and was publicized at the United Nations Sustainable Development Forum under the title of "People's GDP", with remarkable results, great significance and far-reaching influence.


After listening to the report, Sun Qixin, President of China Agricultural University, fully affirmed and highly praised Dayu Irrigation Group's achievements in technological innovation, model innovation and promoting "two-handed efforts", and encouraged Dayu Irrigation Group TheGroup further intensified technological and model innovation in the fields of agriculture, agriculture and water, and promoted the high-quality development of agriculture and rural areas through "strengthening both hands".

Post time: Jul-21-2022

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