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    When using G-type rotating and refraction micro-jets, we sometimes encounter such problems. After the water flow changes direction at the elbow, a large number of eddy currents and lateral circulations are generated. The function of the nozzle is to eliminate eddy currents and circulations and stabilize the water flow, but To achieve the effect of steady flow only by the length of the nozzle, the size of the nozzle must be lengthened. In order to better achieve the effect of steady flow, shorten the length of the nozzle, and often set a flow stabilizer in the nozzle.

    The G-type rotating and refraction micro-jets cooperate with the flow stabilizer to divide the cross section of the flow channel into several parts, cut off the lateral circulation, increase the chance of lateral water collision, * the proportion of laminar flow, play a role in stabilizing the water flow. However, if the number of partitions is too large, the friction loss will increase, which will cause head loss. The partitions are generally 3 to 5 pieces.

    G-type rotating and refraction micro-jet nozzles need to be repaired, regularly inspected, cleaned and even replaced in order to ensure product quality and maintain the economic benefits of the production process. The method and frequency of maintenance procedures depend on the application. The maintenance plan can be arranged according to the purpose, liquid and nozzle material.

    The use of G-type rotating and refraction micro-jets under abnormal conditions will shorten the service life. Most of the cases are due to incorrect installation: washers that deviate from the axis, excessive tightening or other changes in position can have adverse effects. Accidental damage: During installation and cleaning, the nozzle may be accidentally damaged due to the use of incorrect tools. When encountering the above problems, the nozzles need to be replaced in time.

    When the G-type rotating and refraction micro-jet is used, the front end of the spray body is connected with the nozzle, and the lower end of the spray body is connected with the hollow shaft by thread. For fan-shaped spray nozzles, the spray body is also equipped with a commutator. This structure makes the rotating and refraction micro-jet more convenient to use. If the rocker arm shaft is installed on the nozzle, use the stud bolt connection, if the rocker arm shaft is installed on the spray body (smaller nozzle), you can use threaded connection.

    For every user who buys G-type rotary and refraction micro-jet, we will be equipped with a product instruction, which contains the product model, parameters, installation instructions and precautions, etc., if you have other related questions, you can also contact us Provide you with a solution.?

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