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  • Center pivot irrigation system–Towable Type

    Short Description:

    Center pivot irrigation system: also known as circular sprinkler, clockwise sprinkler, central pivot sprinkler, sprinkler ring, etc.

    It is a large sprinkler that supports the pipe with sprinkler head on the automatic walking support and rotates around the central point of the water supply system while spraying.

    Product Detail

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    Three or four wheels are assembled on the center part of the pivot. The system can be moved from one place to another by pulling the cables on the pivot point with tractor. This system is called towable center pivot system. This design can realize one machine to irrigate

    multiple plots and greatly save the investment cost per unit area.

    Suitable crops: alfalfa, corn, wheat, potato, sugar beet, cereals and other cash crops.


    Schematic diagram of working principle

    Open the reducer clutch, adjust the reducer to the correct position,lock it, and then drag it.

    Span Design


    Product advantages

    The main electric control box adopts American Eagle percentage mete, Schneider and Siemens and other core components.

    The walking system adopts international advanced high perfromance motor and reducer.

    The spraying system adopts American Nielsen D3000 and R3000 series or Italian Komet KPT series nozzles.

    The cable adopts three-layer 11-core copper cable with armor.

    Excellent design ensures that the 500-meter-long towable irrigation system is stable during towing.

    Equipment Running Track

    Circular + dragging. A type of circular sprinkler. The difference from the fixed type is that the center point is equipped with tires, while the hitch tires can also be adjusted to the towable position, and the whole machine is towed to the next plot under the tractor's traction for wheel irrigation operation. Suitable for plots with low irrigation requirements.

    Equipment length

    Span and cantilever parameters are the same as fixed center pivot sprinkler. Maximum equipment length: 300m.

    Power and water supply

    Power supply method: buried cable or generator set; water supply method: buried pipeline or storage tank secondary water lifting. Cross-body parameters Pipeline diameter 168mm, 219 mm; nozzle spacing 1.5m, 3 m; through height 2.9 m, 4.9m.

    Main features

    1. Under the tractor's traction, the equipment can irrigate in turns between adjacent plots. Increase the area of single machine irrigation. You can irrigate more land without buying more equipment.

    2. Compared with other forms of irrigation: robust, easy to manage, uniform irrigation, saving a lot of energy and labor.

    3. Compared with large paddlers: 78% plot utilization rate, lower equipment purchase, operation and management costs, simple supporting facilities, and short irrigation cycle time.

    Motor reducer&Wheel reducer

    Using the same quality of UMC VODAR motor, its adaptability to the environment, extreme cold and heat are not affected, low failure rate, low maintenance rate, safe and reliable.

    With protection function, for the voltage instability and overload situation, will not appear fuse, broken wire phenomenon.

    Using aluminum alloy shell, can effectively waterproof sealing.

    The motor is well sealed, no oil leakage, long service life.

    Adopt the same quality VODAR reducer of UMC, which is suitable for different field conditions, safe and reliable.

    Box type input and output oil seal, effectively prevent oil leakage.

    External dustproof protection for both input and output shafts.

    Stainless steel full circulation expansion chamber, using extreme pressure gear oil, the worm gear lubrication protection performance is remarkable.

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    Cross-body connection&Connecting tower

    Cross-body connection adopts the ball and cavity connection method, and the ball and cavity tubes are connected by rubber cylinders, which has strong terrain adaptability and greatly improves the climbing ability.

    The ball head is directly welded to the short cross body pipe, which greatly increases the strength and can cope with the tensile force of steel in cold weather conditions and avoid collapse of equipment.

    The tower is V-shaped, which can effectively support the truss and greatly improve the stability of the equipment.

    Double fixation is used at the connection of tower leg and pipe, which greatly improves the running stability of the equipment.

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    Sprinkler main pipe

    The pipe is made of Q235B, Φ168*3, with thickening treatment to make it more stable, impact resistant, low temperature resistant and tough.

    All steel structures are hot-dip galvanized in one go after processing and welding, and the thickness of galvanized layer is 0.15mm, which is much higher than the industry standard, with high corrosion resistance and service life of more than 20 years.

    After processing, each main tube is tested by the drawing machine for its welding strength to ensure 100% qualification rate.


    Main electric control box

    The control system adopts American Pierce technology, which is stable and reliablewith rich functions.

    Key electrical components use American HoneyWell and French Schneider brands to guarantee stable equipment operation performance.

    With rainproof function, the keys have dustproof treatment, which greatly prolongsthe service life.

    Before leaving the factory, strict testing is carried out to ensure the stability of the entire control system.

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    Cross-body cable adopts three-layer 11-core pure copper armor cable, with strong shielding signal performance, so that multiple devices running at the same time will not interfere with each other.

    The motor cable adopts three-layer 4-core aluminum armored cable.

    The outer layer is made of high-density natural rubber, which is resistant to high temperature, ultraviolet rays and aging.

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    Using natural rubber, anti aging, wear resistance;

    Special 14.9-W13-24 tire for large pattern irrigation, with herringbone facing outward and strong climbing ability.

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    Nelson D3000 and R3000 and O3000 series and I-Wob serie.

    Instantaneous irrigation intensity is an important factor to consider when designing sprinkler heads and is related to the permeability of the soil. General nozzle design to achieve both the crop's water requirements and less than the maximum infiltration of soil water to avoid waste of water and fertilizer runoff.? The instantaneous irrigation intensity of the smaller sprinkler for the soil and crop applicability is stronger.

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